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New release of SCCM CB 1702

Spring is here and new release of SCCM CB 1702 as well. It brings some interesting features which could make our IT life easier. I won’t be writing here about all new things because Microsoft has already did it in quite good way in this article What’s new in 1702. I want to just pin out few news which are the most interesting for me.

  1. Package ID displayed in Task Sequence – this is pretty nice, no more searching application/package name and then listing their IDs based on the logs. Now you see the package ID directly in Task Sequence.
  2. Convert BIOS to UEFI during in-place upgrade – whereas the Windows 10 systems don’t work with standard Legacy BIOS settings very well (slower boot, you can’t use Bitlocker…) it’s much better and recommended to use UEFI with Windows 10. This new possibility is quite tricky but possible to configure now during in-place upgrade. If you want to try it follow instructions here.
  3. Content library cleanup tool – we know similar tools from past which were very useful for cleaning up the old content on Distribution Points. Now we have this new tool which seems to be really cool. Check out here.
  4. Office 365 installer – this is the one of the things which makes me really happy. Question is if IT companies will accept this possibility instead of their standard packaging processes. From my point of view it’s much easier to use Configuration Manager to deploy O365 than ever before. You will configure how O365 will be delivered meaning choose of it’s channel, version, language, products, exclusions and creation of application in CM in one wizard. You can deploy it to some test collection and then manage it as you wish based on your plan.


New CB 1702 also supports new incoming Windows 10 Creators Update which should be released worldwide around 11th of April. On the other hand it drops support for following products:

  • SQL Server 2008 R2
  • Windows Server 2008 R2
  • Windows Server 2008
  • Windows XP Embedded

G2B TechEd 2017

Mám rád konference, protože se člověk na nich dozví vždy něco nového, a tak jsem díky svému zaměstnavateli měl možnost vycestovat na letošní první ročník konference G2B TechEd v Brně. Nebudu zabíhat do detailů všech přednášek, spíše bych to rád celkově shrnul do několika vět nebo odstavce.

Celá konference se odehrávala v hotelu Courtyard Marriott v Brně a musím říct je místo to bylo naprosto ideální. Hotel je celkem nový, takže uvnitř si připadáte občas jako v Hiltonu, co se týče občerstvení, tak také nemám absolutně žádné výhrady, jídlo bylo perfektní. A teď k samotné konferenci, jak jsem již zmínil, tak se jednalo o první ročník, tudíž účast nebyla nijak astronomická a spíše šlo o komornější konferenci do zhruba 100 účastníků. Tímto však nic neutpělo na kvalitě, ba naopak měl člověk možnost potkat znamé obličeje a tak nějak nikam nespěchat. Přednášky probíhaly ve dvou sálech, jeden pro developery a druhý pro IT specialisty, takže každý si mohl najít to své. Určitě nezapomenu na pár vtipných komentářů: ,,I call it Chuck Norris file system“, hláška k ReFS nebo ,,Předplaťte radši zaměstnancům PornHub at zbytečně neklikají kam nemají.“ Což byl komentář v přednášce Hacking v IT a různých exploitech, malwaru a oblíbenému ransomeware. Po této přednášce jsem měl pocit, že bych si měl asi 10x zformátovat HDD a okamžitě přeinstalovat operační systém:-) Zábavná a poučná byla také přednáška o ADFS, kde přednášející začal ve stylu: ,,Bude to trochu zmatek, budu se přepínat sem a tam, ale tak snad to nějak pochopíte.“ O přestávkách si člověk mohl omrknout stánky různých IT providerů a hlavně sponzorů této konference, pobavit se s nimi co nabízejí a případně se zapojit do soutěží o hodnotné ceny. Z celkového pohledu hodnotím konferenci opravdu pozitivně a pokud budu mít tu možnost, tak se rád zúčastním i dalšího ročníku.

I like conferences because anyone can learn something new and so thanks to my employeer I got oportuninty to attend this 1st annual conference G2B TechEd in Brno. I don’t want to go deep into details about different sessions, I just want to share my overall opinion in few sentences or short article.

Conference took place in Courtyard Marriott hotel in Brno and I have to say this place was very well chosen. Hotel is relatively new so sometimes you think you are in Hilton, I don’t have any objections regarding to refreshment as well, it was perfect. But back to conference as such, I mentioned it was 1st annual so participation wasn’t astronomical there was up to 100 people. However, this wasn’t aspect for lower quality, more likely you get opposite effect, you could met famous faces and somehow don’t hurry at all. Sessions were running in two halls one for developers and second for IT specialist so everybody could choose what is interested in. Certainly I will not forget about few funny comments: „I call it Chuck Norris file system.“ catch-phrase to ReFS or „Pay subscription for PornHub to your employees so they won’t be clicking where they want.“ It was comment in sessions about Hacking in IT and some exploits, malwares and very favorite ransomeware. I had feelings that I must format my HDD at least 10-times and immediately reinstall my operating system after this session 🙂 Session about ADFS was also funny and enlightening, lecturer started with words: „It will be a mess little bit, I will be clicking there and back but hopefully you understand that.“ During breaks you could visit IT provider’s and sponsor’s kiosks and discuss with them about their solutions and participate in competitions for value prices. Overall I rate this conference very positively and if I will have opportunity to participate next year I will gladly join again.


New release of SCCM CB 1610

Last week Microsoft released new version 1610 for the Current Branch (CB) of System Center Configuration Manager. This version brings some new features and enhancements. List of all new available features can be found here: What’s new in 1610.

I would like to mention here some of the most useful features and those where you should consider some infrastructure impact:

  • Improvements for boundary groups  for those who doesn’t understand how boundary groups work, you should read this post first. The main change from previous versions is that you can configure time limits when client will contact distribution point associated with some different boundary group as a fallback source location and new default boundary group is created where your primary site is placed like least fallback source location when no other boundary groups are available. Nicely shown in picture below:
    Boundary group settings

    Boundary group settings

    When it comes to UI (user interface) there is no possibility to change fast and slow link connection anymore. Also ‘Allow fallback source locations for content’ is removed: You no longer explicitly configure a distribution point to be used for fallback. And last important change is that clients attempt to get content from distribution point for up to 2 minutes before trying another one, previously it took up to 2 hours.

  • Client Peer Cache – basically this is very similar to the current Branchcache solution; Peer Cache is a built-in Configuration Manager solution for clients to share content with other clients directly from their local cache. Important thing is that Peer Cache doesn’t replace standard Branchcache, it works side-by-side to bring better deployment solution in customer environments. After you deploy client settings that enable Peer Cache to a collection, members of that collection can act as a peer content source for other clients in the same boundary group. For better understanding how it exactly works you can use new dashboard in Monitoring > Client Status > Client Data Sources.
  • Users can snooze and remind required sofware distributions – users are now able to postpone required deployments for time specified in Default Client settings or your own deployed to the clients.
  • Office 365 Client Management dashboard – finally we have a dashboard for O365! You can find it in Software Library > Overview > Office 365 Client Management.

Seems that Microsoft is working really heavily with feedbacks which they receive from SCCM Technical preview users, so we can only looking forward to what new will bring next version.